Styling Tips That Will Guarantee Berghain Entry (World’s Strictest Door Policy): The Leather Body Harness

The Body Harness has evolved from a constricting piece of corsetry to a Statement Piece of Power.

Harnesses can bring out a really strong reaction in a lot of people. With the different creative interpretations of these pieces, the original functionality has become less apparent, making them more digestible. 

Since the body harness (by default) has a tough streak, we have some creative styling tips on how to wear it with confidence.  


1) The Berghain Soldier

Berghain is known for it's notorious and inscrutable door policy. This institution is famous for it's supremely dark and banging techno"How to Get Into Berghain" has become a subject of fascination on the Internet.

However, the main subject in a line that might stretch hundreds of meter outside of the institution would be..

The world's best-known bouncer, Sven Marquardt, Lord Of The Night.

Image: Ole Westermann


Here are some styling tips that Sven Marquardt would approve.


  • Body Stocking is an essential for this techno soldier fetish look. Since the body stocking is the primary outfit, we assemble our favourite leather accessory to complete this minimal with a twist of fetish look. 


  • Layer the body stocking with a sheer hooded cape. This light,soft, breathable, yet sturdy fabric is perfect for dancing. The key of this look is functionality, movement. Since dancing is the primary gamecomfort is key.


  • Bring in the Leather

Buckle up with a Tri Novi Leather Harness to shapen up the waist without restricting movement allowing the drape of the cape to flow. Finish this look with the Digre Garter Belt and a killer sunglasses of choice. 

Now, you're ready for take off


2) Futuristic Steampunk 

Adding a fresh futuristic twist to this 19th-century style, we explored the relationship of the human and the machine for this look. 

  • Accessorize simple textured garments such as this snake skin top with a body harness to add contrast and depth.


  • Leather on Leather.

Layer it up! Buckle up your favourite leather pants with a Digre Garter BeltThis look gives a definite nod to biker style too.


3) Post Apocalyptic Warrior

We were recently at Epizode Festival (KaZantip Republic) which was locate at the beach of Phu Quoc.

Our leather gears were tried and tested for:

  • 3 days non-stop dancing
  • Environment. Sandy, dusty, salty ocean water.
  • Weather. Rainy, sunny (comfort of leather)


The leather gears were still holding strong through-out our cosmic journey. And we thought the sandy and dusty beach felt pretty similar to the Dust Of Black Rock City.


Less Is More

  • Since it was a beach festival, we got our essential bathing suits and paired it with a hooded cape and a minimal body harness


Killer Dancing Shoes

  • Great dancing shoes is crucial in every dance-fuel activity. Our weapon of choice was the classic leather gladiator. These bad boys were the perfect compliment to the post apocalyptic warrior look. 



One Piece Leg Garter

  • One piece leg garter for a touch of apocalyptic warrior. This piece of magic will instantly compliment the gladiator shoes. It's perfect for long hours of dancing because of its minimalistic and functional design. 


Our February Pick:

Digre Leather Garter Belt, $90

Kundalini Leather Body Harness, $85

The Alexis Choker, $45


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This is great! Love the pics and outfits!

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