Surviving a Music Festival In Style

Europe might be in winter mode but Asia is kicking it up for it's Music Festival Season. With Wonderfruit less than a week away, we gathered some tips to get your style game on point. Your favourite platform wedge might look killer in photos, but they’ll probably shred your feet after a few hours of dancing and trekking from stage to stage. So we have some must-haves in your bag for a fashion-forward weekend you won’t regret. Read on below to find out how to survive it with style.


1) Holster Bag

The key is to be handsfree. Being in a festival for a week or two, there is a high possibility of loosing your belongings. This holster will sort that out. There are so many ways to wear it which makes it perfect for a snappy style change! You could wear it on your leg, your shoulder your hips, basically it is part of you. It's secure and it is almost impossible to loose anything when you have one of these bad boys.


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2) Solid Dancing Shoes 

We highly recommend the ninja shoes. They are easy to maintain and being made of heavy, tough material and often having rubber soles, jika-tabi are often used by construction workers, farmers and gardeners, rickshaw-pullers, and other workmen.

Matsuri tabi differs from the regular jika-tabi in having extra cushioning for the sole which is perfect for long hours of dancing and walking! 

You can strap in the Ninja Shoes with a karate pants. It's roomy, comfortable and stylish!

 Image: Pinterest

3) Keep if minimal, accessories your outfit

When it comes to accessories, are you a classic girl at heart, or are you more of a risk taker? For those of you who fall into the latter category, there's an edgy look you may want to try: leather harnesses.

Harness gives so much edge to an outfit, you don't need anything else! Don't forget to pair it with a leg garter. They are match made in heaven.



4) Killer Shades

A killer shades sets the tone for the look. We opt for the futuristic, mirrored sunglasses. 

What's your favourite festival style? Let us know how you survive a music festival in style in the comment below!

Our Wonderfruit Pick:

Body Bag Harness, $75

Death By Garter , $70

Hitch A Witch Leather Choker, $55



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