Unique Gift Ideas For Her (Which Works!)

So it's that time of the year where you have to find something interesting to get your special woman a gift (your girlfriend, your BFF, your girl-friend, your wife...)

You've been through it all.. perfume, bags, lingerie, cosmetic, dress, shoes.. and you're running out of interesting idea. So, it's time to get creative with the art of giving gifts for woman by woman. We have crafted a list that would totally spice up your relationship.

Here we go!


The Stylish Waist Cincher

1) Body Harness

Body Harness has made it's cameo into the fashion scene recently, on and off runway. This tough-talking accessory has been evolving since the 1930s.

Leather subculture later became more mainstream in the British 1960s due to the influence of rock musicians. BDSM-inspired clothing items started popping up for the 1970s punk subculture. 


The Future Of Belt

2) Garter Belt 

When you say garter belt you immediately think of weddings. Over the years, the garter itself has evolved in form and function. In fact, garters have been worn since before the 14th century by men and women to hold up their socks. 

In today's age, the garter belt has evolved into a fashion accessory that adds a striking edge to any outfit. The original functional as a BDSM gear has become less apparent, making them more digestible with creative interpretations on how to wear it. 



The Timeless Classic

3) Choker

Leather chokers are usually associated with sub-culture scene from goth to harajuku lolita, to fetish wear. We all remember them as a 90’s trend but they actually have been around since the late 1700’s (good things are always here to stay!)


The Alternative Jewelry That Is Elegant Yet Functional

4) The Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Move over Tiffany's! Hello Vesper. Vesper is both a gorgeous piece of jewelry and a strong slim vibrator.  It's versatile and provocative. 


unique gifts for her

unique gifts for her

It is USB rechargeable and you could add a personalized message. Truly a pleasure to own.

These unique gifts are not limited for the BDSM crew. We believe, gifts should be fun, playful and useful! So next time someone's special day is around the corner, you know what to get her. ;) 

What's a unique gift you've gotten for a girl pal? Let us know your gift ideas in the comment below!

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